The Future of TV is apps, hmmm not quite, it’s platforms

I think we can all agree that TV needs help. It sucks, it’s archaic, it’s stuck in the past, it’s not web 3.0. You buy a cable subscription and you can only watch it on your TV and that’s one TV pe…

Source: The Future of TV is apps, hmmm not quite, it’s platforms


Introducing Intenu, a new way to watch TV

Intenu is a new app that allows you to watch internet tv for free. The app has a bunch of channels of all kinds of categories ranging from sports to movies and you can watch all these channels for free. Like your regular TV you have a list of channels you can click on to watch and you’re also given the guide of what’s on on each channel.

As a user, you can also create a channel for free for any category you like and can also curate content from youtube and add to your channel separating them in the segments you want. You can then turn your channel on whenever you like and broadcast it to the world.

Intenu should be a fun away to watch TV for free on any internet device you have and a good way to discover more content than you would on conventional TV.

Introducing Vivrer, new awesome and free video chat

Vivrer is a new web app for people to easily stay in contact with friends and family through video chat. Supporting high quality HD video and allow you to talk with up to 5 people at the time. Using webrtc, a new protocol that modern browsers use to stream high fidelity video between each other without any further installations, you ear ensured a great and smooth experience. Its best feature though is probably the free call address each users gets with which you can easily remain in contact with people you care about as it serves as your online phone number. Come check it out at

The top 10 video chat sites to use

These days most people video chat with their friends, families etc and while there are quite a few options around they might be hard to find. So we decided to compile a list of the best websites to access free video chat with your friends and family.

Vivrer is a new website that has proven to be an awesome video chat website. When you join the website you first get a call address which serves as your phone number and through it anyone can easily call you. Also you get the ability to make free video calls to any friend to anyone as well as host free group chats. You also have the option of call your facebook friends from facebook. Vivrer is definitely one of the best free video chat site out there.


A video chat website made by AOL, it’s super lightweight and easy to use. You can easily call a friend or turn that call into a group call. If you’re looking to make a video call on the fly AV chat is definitely one of the best options.


Founded by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, the brains behind Napster, Airtime came into the scene with a big bang. It’s very sleek looking and allows you to easily make video calls to your facebook friends. Also on Airtime you can watch youtube videos while you video chat with your friends.


A facebook video chat app. Video chat Rounds grew big as a facebook app and it’s video chatting options are pretty good. Accessible only within Facebook, you’ll be able to see your facebook friends that are online and can easily call them from there. Also like airtime you can watch videos while on calls with your friends. If you’re a facebook user, consider Rounds.


A great video chat website from France, it is one of the few websites that has webrtc capabilities. You also get a permanent call link and you can download their mobile app to call on the go. The website is great looking and the video calls are of good quality.


A video chat social network, Runfaces is a website where you can video chat with friends, post video updates and chat with random users. The video calls are sleek and it’s easy to make calls to your friends. They also have a mobile app to video updates on it.


Like AV by AOL, it’s light weight and you can simply start a call by click a button generating a link and getting your friend to on the call. If you want to make a quick call to a friend without bells and whistles, this is a good option.


Similar to Chatride, allows you to make quick calls on the fly to friends.


Similar to Tinychat, you can host group chats as well as call your friends. The call quality is good and for group video chatting you get a lot of features to use.


Started off as a facebook app that would serve as a chatroulette alternative, it now allows you to video call your friends and host group video chats.

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The top 10 Chatroulette alternatives

Want to figure out the best chatroulette alternatives on the web to talk with random people? We searched and compiled a list of the best website for you guys to enjoy the best chatroulette experience elsewhere.

Reflap is a new website that has proven to be an awesome chatroulette alternative. Like Chatroulette you get to meet random people but Reflap adds filters with which you can select to meet just people from your college or city. Also the people you meet and liked can be added to your contacts. Reflap even gives you the possibility to change the one on one meetings into group video chats. It’s an awesome alternative.


Probably the most famous Chatroulette alternative and a website that came out before Chatroulette, omegle allows you to meet random people on the fly. Also you can decide to use their text based random chat to talk with random strangers by text instead of video chatting. Omegle also has an iOS mobile app to use on the go.


Founded by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, the brains behind Napster, Airtime came into the scene with a big bang. It’s very sleek looking and allows you to talk to random people based on interests. So if you want to talk about the NBA, you can easily talk to random people who like the NBA too. Airtime has some more neat features like watching youtube videos while you video chat.


A video chat social network, Runfaces is a website where you can video chat with friends, post video updates and chat with random users. The part where you can video chat with random strangers is sleek and you can also add the people you meet to your contacts.


A facebook chatroulette alternative. Video chat Rounds grew big as a facebook app and it’s random chat part is really good. You’ll be meeting Facebook users so it’s safer from pervs. It also has a mobile app now as well. On Rounds you can also video chat with your facebook friends. If you’re a facebook user, consider Rounds.


People Roulette
Another facebook chatroulette alternative. It’s lightweight and allows you easily to talk to random people. It’s sleek looking and you won’t have a boring time on People roulette. Like Rounds you can also call your facebook friends from there.


A very underrated alternative. It’s easy to use, sleek looking and an overall great website to use. It doesn’t match with the features of it’s competitors but does a great job to allow you to talk with random people. Also they have safety features included to prevent you from talking to pervs.


It’s been around for long and it is a lightweight alternative to chatroulette. It is almost similar to chatroulette as the website has no login or signup area and as soon as you get on you can press next to meet someone new.


On of the first websites that allowed you to talk to random people and then add them to a contact list, Hey-people is still going strong today. It has good traffic and the website is easy enough to use to have some fun.


A very popular alternative from France, the people you’ll meet here will be mostly European. It’s been around for sometime so there’ll be a healthy traffic on here.


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Why do we still pay long distance for calls?

The telephone when it came out was a great technology. No longer did we need to write letters and send them and wait for the reply after a couple of weeks. Now we could have communication in real time and connect almost instantly. All you needed to do was pick up the transmitter and call your friend and wait for them to pick up the receiver. It was an awesome technology. However it did come at a cost and in its early days was a very expensive piece of technology. Few people had it so most people still used letters for distant friends.

Your voice was transmitted through cables analogly to the receiver. The further away the person was the more expensive the call was. So long distance calls were very expensive in the early days till the earlier 80s, when analog communication improved and also with the rise of fibre optics and digital communication, companies could connect places much cheaper and on a great scale. Prices of phone calls dropped and long distance and oversee calls become much cheaper.

Today with most calls being transmitted digitally, phone calls are quite cheap to do and long distance calls too. However other technologies have arisen to help people to communicate as well. Mobile networks, the internet and it’s whole host of communication tools like e-mails, im clients, voip networks etc. So why do we still pay for long distance calls at a premium ? Why hasn’t the new age of communication technology taken over long distance calls.

The cell phones we have today mostly come with internet connection possibility so to me it should be more advantageous to me to use the internet to call my friends using video call apps or chat with them over facebook or something.

Despite the host of new options to call people today, some things haven’t changed with phone calls. Calls are not necessarily becoming cheaper. It still cost more to call long distance and most importantly the technology is not improving. This is something that should have decreased in price with improvement in technology and greater need for real time communication. However that hasn’t occurred and doesn’t seem likely.

However it may just be the case that phone calls are never to become close to free but just supplanted by another technology like many others before it. The telegraph never became cheap to do and the telephone nevertheless still took over business of telegraphs.

Phone calls through traditional methods seem destined to be taking over by alternatives means like im chatting in real time, voip calls, video chats etc. However probably the main thing blocking these alternatives technology from taking over the business of traditional phone calls is the availability of internet everywhere even on the road and the fact that the main means of having internet on the road is mostly controlled by major phone companies which now looks like a risk they don’t want to take by leaving their phone business vulnerable.
In any case it shouldn’t be long when internet becomes available on a greater scale on the road and at home with much more bandwidth where the direct cost of paying for a phone call or long distance call goes away for the alternatives means using the internet.

Why video chatting is not yet huge?

You know what I mean, right? This was a technology that was supposed to revolutionize the world. Remember when people first video chatted on old TV shows like Star Trek and it seemed so cool. Now that we have it today its still not huge deal. There is skype and a few other popular apps like oovoo, tiny chat and google+ hangouts but then that’s it. Skype although pretty widely used now is still an alternative to actually calling and im chatting and is not used by the majority of internet users still they have not yet transitioned to video calling.

So the question begs to answer. Why is video chat still not big ? I read an article about someone who said the probably problem with video calling is the effort in it. When you are video calling, you check to look good, adjust your environment and more. Also in places where silence is demanded you can’t video chat with friends because you won’t want to make noise. Also some people find it distracting to be talking to someone and also have to actually pay attention to them.

I do agree with some of these cons put forward. It is true that video chatting won’t be good for everyone as compared to actual typing. However video chatting makes conversations feel real due to being able to actually talk and see the person. It gives more pleasure. So then its time we put forward what video chatting brings to the table. Video calling is much more interactive and more fun than normal typing. With im chatting, you get information passed along but with video chatting you don’t only get information passed across but emotions as well. It gives a great pleasure in communicating. Also its better for sharing because you don’t only share but share and comment about it in real time which makes sharing better and more interactive.
Due to the major players of video chat, there is a very important thing that we are also overlooking with video chatting. Its free! To video call your friend on skype you don’t pay a dime. On google+ hangouts you can talk with a crowd and watch videos in real time.

With Reflap, you can form a whole video chat community or network and either video call them or start video kickbacks. So almost about everywhere, video calling is free. This normally should be a huge threat to mobile carrier dollars. What would be the need to pay a lot, for mobile carrier plans when you can video call and chat with all your friends from video chat apps. Actually not only can you talk to them you can actually see them if you want. That in itself should be the a huge threat and a huge ball in video chat’s hand.

Its understandable that with its slow transition to mobile the following is rising slowly but with more and more video chat apps appearing on app markets, the bandwagon of video chat should leap hugely. It will allow you to talk and video call on the move as opposed to video chatting from your computer and hence give a greater chance to video chatting.

Actually to conclude it, I personally do not just see video chat as something that should be adopted by many more people to make it more mainstream. I think its roots could go much more further. It has the possibility to shake the grounds of Facebook and current social networks. It can do most of what current social networks do in a faster way and in a more interactive manner. Sharing with a video chat network will be faster and allow you to actually talk about them in real time like it would be done in a bar let’s say. Instead of im chatting you would actually talk or video chat. Want to plan an event, you can just do a live event on video chat like on google+. One camera performs while the rest watch and chat with the other viewers about the event they are watching. Imagine watching the Superbowl on a video chat conference with your friends. That seems like real fun.
So that’s why to me even if video chat is still not mainstream, its just a matter of time before it becomes the bandwagon which everyone will be one. Not only is it more fun it has such a huger plethora of tools which it can be used to change they way we network on the internet.

I do agree that with every breakthrough, there is an adaptation period for people to adapt to a new technology. Just like texting or im chatting. So with that, it won’t be too long before video chat will have to go mainstream.

Will chatroulette style websites change dating ?

When chatroulette was launched it created a big havoc. This new thing from Russia was able to get people to meet a whole range of new people from anywhere in the world randomly. It was really fun and intriguing and people tried it out in droves till the penis problem took over.

While Chatroulette’s good star lasted the range of things people could do with it was amazing. A lot of people from all over tried out chatroulette including celebrities which allowed some awesome meetups with celebrities. However there is something that chatroulette had/has the potential to crack which is dating.

When it started gaining more and more people, users moved from exploring what chatroulette was to trying to meet new people. So people would jump on chatroulette and try to meet new people that they could relate while. As long as chatroulette had an interesting traffic these quests could be very fruitful.

So the quest of meeting people then became more specific, guys wanted to meet girls and girls wanted to meet guys which brings out the point of this article. Chatroulette didn’t have a filter for gender so guys started coming on chatroulette looking for girls. When they fell on a gu they’ll next quickly to find the next girl available and as soon as they found on they tried their best to keep that lady entertained.

That became the biggest use of chatroulette and till the penis invasion there was enough girls on the chatroulette to keep the motivation going for guys to meet girls.

So it made me think that chatroulette style websites have the potential to be a huge player in how people dating. The whole premise of nexting someone till you meet someone you feel compatible to is exactly the idea of speed dating. A website with a good enough distribution of girls to boys could create a interesting ground for chatroulette style meetups. People could be paired on common interests and be filled in with conversation starters. If you didn’t like the person you could skip to the next, if you liked the person you can further connect with them. With the video chat and other tools the meetup could be much more meaningful than browsing through pictures and im chatting.