The top 10 Chatroulette alternatives

Want to figure out the best chatroulette alternatives on the web to talk with random people? We searched and compiled a list of the best website for you guys to enjoy the best chatroulette experience elsewhere.

Reflap is a new website that has proven to be an awesome chatroulette alternative. Like Chatroulette you get to meet random people but Reflap adds filters with which you can select to meet just people from your college or city. Also the people you meet and liked can be added to your contacts. Reflap even gives you the possibility to change the one on one meetings into group video chats. It’s an awesome alternative.


Probably the most famous Chatroulette alternative and a website that came out before Chatroulette, omegle allows you to meet random people on the fly. Also you can decide to use their text based random chat to talk with random strangers by text instead of video chatting. Omegle also has an iOS mobile app to use on the go.


Founded by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, the brains behind Napster, Airtime came into the scene with a big bang. It’s very sleek looking and allows you to talk to random people based on interests. So if you want to talk about the NBA, you can easily talk to random people who like the NBA too. Airtime has some more neat features like watching youtube videos while you video chat.


A video chat social network, Runfaces is a website where you can video chat with friends, post video updates and chat with random users. The part where you can video chat with random strangers is sleek and you can also add the people you meet to your contacts.


A facebook chatroulette alternative. Video chat Rounds grew big as a facebook app and it’s random chat part is really good. You’ll be meeting Facebook users so it’s safer from pervs. It also has a mobile app now as well. On Rounds you can also video chat with your facebook friends. If you’re a facebook user, consider Rounds.


People Roulette
Another facebook chatroulette alternative. It’s lightweight and allows you easily to talk to random people. It’s sleek looking and you won’t have a boring time on People roulette. Like Rounds you can also call your facebook friends from there.


A very underrated alternative. It’s easy to use, sleek looking and an overall great website to use. It doesn’t match with the features of it’s competitors but does a great job to allow you to talk with random people. Also they have safety features included to prevent you from talking to pervs.


It’s been around for long and it is a lightweight alternative to chatroulette. It is almost similar to chatroulette as the website has no login or signup area and as soon as you get on you can press next to meet someone new.


On of the first websites that allowed you to talk to random people and then add them to a contact list, Hey-people is still going strong today. It has good traffic and the website is easy enough to use to have some fun.


A very popular alternative from France, the people you’ll meet here will be mostly European. It’s been around for sometime so there’ll be a healthy traffic on here.


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