The top 10 video chat sites to use

These days most people video chat with their friends, families etc and while there are quite a few options around they might be hard to find. So we decided to compile a list of the best websites to access free video chat with your friends and family.

Vivrer is a new website that has proven to be an awesome video chat website. When you join the website you first get a call address which serves as your phone number and through it anyone can easily call you. Also you get the ability to make free video calls to any friend to anyone as well as host free group chats. You also have the option of call your facebook friends from facebook. Vivrer is definitely one of the best free video chat site out there.


A video chat website made by AOL, it’s super lightweight and easy to use. You can easily call a friend or turn that call into a group call. If you’re looking to make a video call on the fly AV chat is definitely one of the best options.


Founded by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning, the brains behind Napster, Airtime came into the scene with a big bang. It’s very sleek looking and allows you to easily make video calls to your facebook friends. Also on Airtime you can watch youtube videos while you video chat with your friends.


A facebook video chat app. Video chat Rounds grew big as a facebook app and it’s video chatting options are pretty good. Accessible only within Facebook, you’ll be able to see your facebook friends that are online and can easily call them from there. Also like airtime you can watch videos while on calls with your friends. If you’re a facebook user, consider Rounds.


A great video chat website from France, it is one of the few websites that has webrtc capabilities. You also get a permanent call link and you can download their mobile app to call on the go. The website is great looking and the video calls are of good quality.


A video chat social network, Runfaces is a website where you can video chat with friends, post video updates and chat with random users. The video calls are sleek and it’s easy to make calls to your friends. They also have a mobile app to video updates on it.


Like AV by AOL, it’s light weight and you can simply start a call by click a button generating a link and getting your friend to on the call. If you want to make a quick call to a friend without bells and whistles, this is a good option.


Similar to Chatride, allows you to make quick calls on the fly to friends.


Similar to Tinychat, you can host group chats as well as call your friends. The call quality is good and for group video chatting you get a lot of features to use.


Started off as a facebook app that would serve as a chatroulette alternative, it now allows you to video call your friends and host group video chats.

For more about video chat, check out this blog.


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