Will chatroulette style websites change dating ?

When chatroulette was launched it created a big havoc. This new thing from Russia was able to get people to meet a whole range of new people from anywhere in the world randomly. It was really fun and intriguing and people tried it out in droves till the penis problem took over.

While Chatroulette’s good star lasted the range of things people could do with it was amazing. A lot of people from all over tried out chatroulette including celebrities which allowed some awesome meetups with celebrities. However there is something that chatroulette had/has the potential to crack which is dating.

When it started gaining more and more people, users moved from exploring what chatroulette was to trying to meet new people. So people would jump on chatroulette and try to meet new people that they could relate while. As long as chatroulette had an interesting traffic these quests could be very fruitful.

So the quest of meeting people then became more specific, guys wanted to meet girls and girls wanted to meet guys which brings out the point of this article. Chatroulette didn’t have a filter for gender so guys started coming on chatroulette looking for girls. When they fell on a gu they’ll next quickly to find the next girl available and as soon as they found on they tried their best to keep that lady entertained.

That became the biggest use of chatroulette and till the penis invasion there was enough girls on the chatroulette to keep the motivation going for guys to meet girls.

So it made me think that chatroulette style websites have the potential to be a huge player in how people dating. The whole premise of nexting someone till you meet someone you feel compatible to is exactly the idea of speed dating. A website with a good enough distribution of girls to boys could create a interesting ground for chatroulette style meetups. People could be paired on common interests and be filled in with conversation starters. If you didn’t like the person you could skip to the next, if you liked the person you can further connect with them. With the video chat and other tools the meetup could be much more meaningful than browsing through pictures and im chatting.


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