Why video calling will become popular

Video chat has been a human fantasy for some time now. Like Hover cars, jet packs, augmentated vision, people have seen these technologies in movies and shows years before they were even developed. So when video conferencing applications like skype came around it was initially thought that they revolutionize the tech world immediately and everyone would be video calling from then on.

Well it never happened like that, people did use skype and skype was popular with a small core. However not everyone started video calling like it was initially thought. There are a few reasons why that was the case.

At the time internet was slow and almost everyone accessed internet by means of dial up that had maximum speeds of 56 kb/s . That was way too slow for conducive video calls. Also webcams didn’t come integrated in phones or computers. You had to buy it as an extra accessory and they weren’t that cheap as today and they had very low resolution. Finally the early video chat apps were pretty complex and not easily comprehensible by the users at the time.

However since then, internet has become faster, bandwidth is increased greatly. and internet is easier to get access to. Also computer, phones, tablets etc come with webcams by default that are getting better and better. It’s becoming easier to video chat and with better apps that allow you to make video calls it ‘s makes it more enticing.

The most important thing is tilting the tides in video chatting favor is the changing of culture and attitude towards video calls. The younger ones are born in an age with internet and skype were video calls are not as intimidating as the older people. Most youths sees video calls as a necessary way to hangout with their significant others, or with their friends. It is becoming something as essential as texting their friends regularly. That’s the reason why oovoo may not be popular with 25+ people but for the the younger age group and essential the under 18s oovoo is one of their favorite tools.

People may argue that video calls are weird or not made to become popular but those claims are as crazy as those who claimed people wouldn’t want PCs in their homes or that TVs wouldn’t never become popular. Video chatting will definitely become popular. Internet is getting mature and the apps and devices to allow people to video call are become better everyday. People are also getting more and more comfortable about video calls and like to do it. People will learn that video calls are a much more lively phone call that will make phone calls in the future to be mostly by default with video.
It should just be a matter of time before video calls are as big as watching tv.


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