Reflap, a new video chat website trying to destroy phone numbers


Here is a new website that just launched and you should check out. It’s called Reflap and it’s basically a video chat website that allows users to easily call friends and family as well as receive calls. The website is web based so you don’t need to download any software.

Now, when you register on Reflap, you are prompted to create your call address. The call address idea is the interesting part. It’s basically a personal link you create and anyone that knows that link can call you using it even if they aren’t a user. It’s really simple, intuitive and cool. Reflap is betting on the fact that you’re call address can be ported to any device to make it substitute your phone number which is fixed to your phone.

The website also allows you to start easy video calls which you can use to call your reflap contacts or anyone of your choice including non-users. They also implemented a neat google+ hangout feature which allows you to start group video chats on the fly called kickback.

Reflap is really a great website. It’s web based it doesn’t restrict calls to only reflap users and also the call address idea is awesome. I’ll advice anyone to go try it out.



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